About the book

How to write a press release

A Perfect Press Release – or Not? is a useful reference guide for writing and distributing effective press releases that will interest the media and target audiences.

What this book will do for you

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Download A Perfect Press Release - or Not? now!This book is ideal for companies, marketing people, PR consultants and anyone else involved with writing or producing press releases for the media and for publishing on websites.

A Perfect Press Release – or Not? provides tips on writing, gathering rich content, identifying interesting topics and briefing and interviewing spokespeople. It includes hard hitting views from journalists and editors about their pet hates and preferences about press releases. Useful tips for spokespeople who need to be quoted in press releases are also included.

Even the smallest business can benefit from distributing press releases to targeted media, but 95% end up in the editor’s bin, mainly because they are badly written or are of no interest to the publications they are sent to.

About the author Jennigay Coetzer

A Perfect Press Release – or Not? is written and published by Jennigay Coetzer who has been barraged by thousands of press releases during her 30 years as a journalist and editor. She has also heard both sides of the story when it comes to the problems associated with writing effective press releases from delegates that have attended the media spokesperson training workshops and writing courses she runs.

Aspects covered in A Perfect Press Release – or Not?

  • Why 95% of press releases end up in the bin.
  • Pet hates and preferences of journalists and editors.
  • What makes a press release publishable?
  • Strategy, knowledge and content.
  • Understanding what the reader wants to know.
  • Writing style, construction and flow.
  • News releases versus opinion articles.
  • Identifying interesting topics.
  • Examples of good and bad press releases.
  • Distribution to targeted media.

Plenty of articles on writing tips and media spokesperson guidelines can be accessed from Jennigay Coetzer’s home page.

Book reviews and reader feedback

“I would just like to say thank you again for the amazing book you wrote, I use it everyday and it really has been a massive help in my day to day PR activities. I have improved my writing and my communication skills with the press. Your book should be compulsory reading for anybody that is studying PR.”

Jonathan Ducie, PR account manager at Trinitas Consulting

“This is a short whip around the practical business of press releases, from the perspective of everyone who should be involved – the writer, the audience, the subject and the publisher. That is why the book deserves a read.”

Ian Mann – Sunday Times

“It provides the A to Z of constructing a press release, including what to do, how to do it and where it goes wrong.”

Deirdre Blain – Business Day

“Coetzer’s suggestions for fresh approaches to avoiding marketing hype and puff in media releases are particularly useful. Several chapters consist of simple, bulleted “how to” lists, that add further practical value.”

Peter van der Schyff – Gauteng chairperson for the Public Relations Institute of South Africa (PRISA)

“I highly recommend that PR consultants and agency owners give a copy of this book to each of their clients as part of some essential media training. It will go a long way to streamline the press release approval process and possibly prevent a lot of frustration.”

Robynn Burls – CEO of Encyclomedia, an online media contact database company

“No CEO should be without this book!”

Steven Cohen, MD of Pastel Software

“Doing a press release without reading this book is like trying to sell a product or service without ever considering what your customers want. It is a must-read for anyone who ever does a press release or may ever do one.”

Michael Alter, MD of PrimeTel

“On your book – now that is the real reference and it is short, sharp and to the point. I have read it once and am now referring to it to plan a media/PR/marketing effort.”

Lester Van Graan, outsourcing services specialist at HP

“Because of the easy flow of the book, the style it is written in and the compact size, I can carry it around in my bag and review it when preparing for any interaction with the media.”

Kym Rowat, Managing executive for Adcock-Ingram

“…a widely researched, soundly compiled and well written book. Very practical and informative. I learnt quite a bit which has increased my awareness of the pitfalls and perils of poor press releases.”

Nicci Columbine, MD of Columbine Communications

For more information about this book and about Jennigay Coetzer‘s writing courses and media training, email jennigay@icon.co.za