About Jennigay Coetzer

Jennigay Coezerhout zelf impregneren see Jennigay Coetzer offers writing and editing services, writing skills training and media training and is the author of A Perfect Press Release – or Not?, a guide to producing effective press releases.

sicherheitsventil heizung einbau Jennigay has been running media training workshops and one-on-one sessions, and writing workshops for more than 17 years.

bedhekken omhoog protocol She is on a mission to help as many people as possible to develop and improve their writing skills and to help company spokespeople to interact more effectively with the media. She also helps people to improve their communication skills.

http://treelesson.com/2018/09 crisis komt eraan During her writing career, Jennigay has written about a vast array of topics and has a good understanding of the trends and issues that are happening across just about every sector. She can edit and optimise the written content of articles, white papers, research documents, websites, training manuals, and any other form of written content.

She is also a knowledge seeker and always ensures that she is well informed about the latest trends that are happening in the rapidly changing local and global marketplace and the influencing factors behind them. She is also good at researching specific topics to support writing assignments for clients.

On the training front, Jennigay runs regular writing workshops in Johannesburg and occasionally in Cape Town. She will also tailor workshops, and coaching sessions to suite any specific requirements.

Alternatively, she will go into a company, assess the current level of writing skills and/or communication skills of specific groups of employees and come up with a proposal for how to improve these skills to achieve specific objectives.

In another scenario, she can run a workshop to help an organisation’s staff communicate more effectively by email or through social media or generally improve their business writing skills.

Why not invite Jennigay to a brainstorming session to come up with suggestions as to how she can train employees at any level of your organisation to communicate more effectively?

Prior to becoming a journalist, Jennigay worked in marketing and sales management.  At one time she also ran a multimillion rand business.

During the early 1990s she took a break from  journalism to run the trade exhibition Computer Faire in the show’s heyday when it attracted more than 45,000 visitors.

During that time she introduced many new marketing ideas, including the preregistration of visitors. She was the first to introduce the concept of visitor preregistration to the South African exhibition market.