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test clé usb The fiercely competitive courier services industry is made up of a large number of players ranging from organisations with international reach down to single individuals with a bakkie. It is estimated that there 30 to 40 medium to large courier companies in the local market and 2000 to 3000 small ones.

august vollhardt söhne ottenmühle gmbh Larry Sack, CEO of ParcelJet, says customers are impressed when they get a quick response, because service is generally bad in SA. He says it is easier for smaller courier operators to differentiate themselves like this, because they can be more flexible than the bigger industry players, and are hungry for the business. nono pizza ligny en barrois “If you send an email to our website, you will get a response within 10 minutes, right up until 22:00 at night, and we provide an after-hours contact number.” He says ParcelJet pays additional incentives to its staff for good performance and get penalties against bonuses for poor performance.

hårtab i totter Sack says it is important for smaller couriers to have big names on their customer list, and they might be prepared to lose money on them just to use their name. He says ParcelJet uses a combination of its own drivers and contract drivers. “There are a lot of guys with bakkies that are out of work,” he says.

bidon gradué 5 litre Rent-a-Scooter started its business renting out scooters, and now specialises in renting out courier bikes and drivers to companies for a flat monthly fee. “Customers pay a rental and use the bike and driver as they see fit,” says CEO Alex Muller.

layout win 10 watch He says if the bike breaks down or the driver is sick, the two will be replaced within a few hours. Contracts are typically signed on a 12 month basis, although shorter period rentals can be arranged.

wheely bug hérisson He says the types of companies using the service vary from a shipping company that uses the bikes and drivers to deliver clearance certificates and other documents, to an engineering company that delivers components, to a retailer that delivers specialised equipment. copenhagen business school adresse There are mixed feelings among the bigger courier companies about smaller operators.
Eddie Vosloo, CEO of Dawn Wing says sometimes smaller operators outsource the national business they cannot handle themselves to bigger players, on the understanding that they will not poach each others customers.

stefan padborg musiker check “Often smaller operators are our valued clients,” he says. These businesses typically work on a broker basis whereby they get a favourable rate from the bigger courier company, add their markup, and charge the customer for the service. “They bring a whole pot of customers to us,” says Vosloo.

vestar tol free num check Andy van der Velde, MD of Berco Express says there is room in the market for smaller courier businesses, especially for those operating in small towns where the potential volume of business does not justify larger players having a presence. Those focusing on specific types of products, or running errands like collecting money from the bank, also have a role to play. “There will always be a place for smaller operators,” says van der Velde.

pass hülsen schlüssel Graeme Lazarus, Joint MD of RAM Hand-to-Hand Couriers says, smaller couriers tend to have lower overheads and may charge lower rates to secure business, but price should not be the only criteria taken into account. “Consistent service delivery is an equally important factor.”

gang volcano zx ds with price He says smaller operators often use sub-contractors to deliver product to areas where they are not represented through their own infrastructure. erlaubt was gefällt goethe technisch isolatiebedrijf nijmegen utarming av jorda view Jennigay Coetzer is a freelance business and technology journalist with 25 years experience, and she writes regularly for Business Day. She also runs media training and writing skills workshops, and is the author of A Perfect Press Release – or Not?, a guide to writing and distributing effective press releases, an electronic version of which can be downloaded free from her website: telefonen ringer ikke

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