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liedje ziek zijn kleuters By Jennigay Coetzer

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South African courier industry trendsfleurs peintes sur porcelaine watch The scope of services on offer from South African courier services companies has broadened extensively over the past few years, and they are playing an increasing important role in the supply chain.

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remember phone so do you see Graeme Lazarus, joint MD of RAM Hand-to-Hand Couriers, says courier companies help to close off the last mile of the supply chain, by delivering products quicker in a climate where the trend is to move products as fast as possible without carrying stock. “The speed of courier services makes the supply chain more efficient.” blodomløb i benene He says the trend of purchasing goods on the internet has had a major influence on supply chain requirements. Eddie Vosloo, CEO of Dawn Wing says nowadays companies want more from a courier operator than pure delivery, including the ability to import goods from any country. This encompasses the collection and transportation of goods, custom clearance on arrival, customs bonded functionality, warehouse management, and final distribution.

frans bauer kom in mijn armen there He says the ability to provide a bonded facility requires a supporting infrastructure, and the courier company has to go through an accreditation process and put up guaranties. Once items are cleared through customs customers also often expect their courier company to check them, and distribute them to the end customers.

elton john younger Alternatively, they might expect warehousing, stock control, and insurance services. “All the bigger courier companies have warehousing facilities,” says Vosloo. Andy van der Velde, MD of Berco Express, says to get global accounts, local courier companies need to be able to offer facilities such as warehousing, clearing and forwarding, and international shipping, and even have staff located at large customer sites. russen in deutschland They also need IT systems that provide complete visibility of the supply chain to them and their customers, and the ability to advise customers on how to improve their supply chain processes and reduce costs. “We even help our customers to analyse the profitability of their customers.”

chapman taylors safdarjung enclave He says Berco saved one company R250,000 a month by providing it with good advice and helping it to streamline its delivery process. Gary Marshall, CEO and chairman of the South African Express Parcel Association, says the courier industry has benefited from the fact that warehousing has become more expensive, giving rise to a demand for more frequent product delivery. rose zeitarbeit berlin Coupled with this, retailers now have the systems in place to track customer buying trends and predict demand more accurately. This is enabling them to hold less stock in their shops, which they need to do because buying trends are changing so fast, says Marshall. “Stock obsolescence and redundancy requires products to be moved quickly,” he says. kjøpe high5 oslo Ken Light, executive head of SkyNet, says the continuous move from document delivery to product delivery has been challenging for courier companies, because they have had to change the way they operate. “Delivering product is far more complex.” He says this trend has positioned courier companies at the end of the supply chain as the link between suppliers and retailers, and this requires flexibility and agility.

parker pen amazon Where in the past it was possible to forecast stock replenishment requirements well ahead, this is no longer possible due to fast changing consumer buying patterns. As a result, courier companies need to have a constant view of products as they move up and down the supply chain, to enable them to react quickly to changing service requirements, says Light.

k later tamil name here Tim Steel, MD for South Africa at TNT Express, says today it is common practice for companies to get a larger courier operator to deliver a consignment from a factory the other side of the world directly to a customer in South Africa instead of involving multiple supply chain entities. zachte lakenstof kleur “China is our fastest growing trading partner,” says Steel. Consignments are shipped from the factory in China through TNT’s road network in the country, to its gateway at a major airport. From there it is shipped to Johannesburg and delivered to the end customer across SA using a combination of road and air transport. “It takes longer by road, but it is about 15% cheaper than air,” says Steel.

hvor ligger fleggaard He says the goods are scanned at each touch point and the customer gets a guaranteed transit time, and has the ability to monitor the progress of the goods as they move through the supply chain. At the other end of the scale emergency deliveries may be required, sometimes involving a member of staff traveling overseas, fetching the item, and delivering it to the customer. deutsche hgb verstoß eu charta inpragrafen stoere linnen gordijnen Jennigay Coetzer is a freelance journalist, writer, editor and author with 30 years experience, and she writes regularly for Business Day. She also offers media training and writing courses, and is the author of A Perfect Press Release – or Not?, a guide to writing press releases, an electronic version of which can be downloaded free from her website:

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