By Jennigay Coetzer

examples clarifyExamples are a powerful way to clarify what you are saying when writing any type of article, because human beings don’t think in words. They think in pictures. So making strong statements in your articles and backing them up with examples, will help to create a clearer picture in the minds of the target audience you are writing for.

Examples will also help to put your viewpoints, or those of a spokesperson, into context. For instance, when writing an article in which you are promoting a concept, idea, approach, methodology, product, or service, it is useful to include brief examples of how it has benefited those who are already using it or have applied it.

In another scenario, you might want to get the message across that your company operates across different sectors. In this case, you could use specific examples of how different customers in two or three different industries have benefited from the solution you are promoting in different ways.

If you don’t want to mention customer names, you can just say something like, “A customer of ours in the retail sector….etc.” The examples will still be useful to the reader, and will help to get your message across in the article you are writing.

Examples of how a product or service works, and how it can benefit the target audience will also help to create a clearer picture. Varied examples can also be useful. For instance, you might want to get across the message in your article that the product you are promoting can be used in different ways, in which case you can give examples that will illustrate this in words.

Examples work equally well when writing about trends or issues, or anything else for that matter.

Jennigay-whitecliffs-5Jennigay Coetzer is a freelance business and technology journalist with 25 years experience, and she writes regularly for Business Day. Email Jennigay at jennigay@icon.co.za for more information about her upcoming writing skills workshops or connect with her on LinkedIn. An ebook version of her book A Perfect Press Release – or Not?, a guide to writing press releases, can be downloaded free from her website: www.jennigay.co.za.


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