I am planning to hold a full-day writing workshop in Parkview, Johannesburg on Monday, 17 February. The cost will be R1,750 per participant, all inclusive.

My writing workshops are practical and interactive and suitable for all levels of experience.

Supporting documentation will include a workbook containing an overview of the workshop content and guidance for avoiding common errors in English Grammar.

During the workshop, I will share with participants the many writing tips and tricks I have gathered over more than 30 years as a journalist, editor, author and writing skills trainer.

Bookings are confirmed on receipt of payment.

The content of the workshop will include:

  • How good communication skills follow through into writing. 
  • The importance of having an objective behind every item of content before writing it and how to go about this.
  • Why writers need to ensure the reader is top of mind at all times and how to achieve this.
  • Techniques that will enable participants to identify the audience or audiences they are seeking to influence and how they want to influence them to achieve specific objectives.
  • How to achieve clarity to avoid miscommunication.
  • How to gather rich content from spokespeople, research and other sources.
  • The importance of becoming knowledge seekers as opposed to information gatherers and how participants can put this to good use in their writing.
  • How to develop a knowledge framework to ensure a deeper understanding of the topics participants are covering and the markets in which they or their clients are operating.
  • Techniques that will help participants to ensure the content they are writing is interesting, meaningful and relevant to the target reader. 
  • Article and sentence structure, writing style, technique and flow, word usage, troublesome words and phrases, common grammatical errors, punctuation, and how to improve accuracy.
  • How to create a clear picture in the reader’s mind and not a broken jigsaw puzzle that will lead to assumptions.
  • Avoiding vagueness and ambiguous statements that are open to misinterpretation. 
  • How to make strong statements and get to the point without preamble.
  • Using quotable quotes that will achieve the greatest impact.
  • The value of using strong words.
  • How to avoid traps like unexplained terminology, waffle, trying to be too clever, and leaving unanswered questions in the reader’s mind. 
  • How to ensure the optimum flow of content.
  • Techniques that will help participants with editing their own and other people’s writing.
  • Enriching written content and molding and remolding it to achieve perfection.
  • Pushing the most important information further up in the content.
  • How to trim and shape content by removing superfluous words and rewording or restructuring sentences.
  • How participants can become more confident in their writing abilities.

Prior to the workshop, participants are asked to submit a sample of their writing that has not been edited by anyone else. This enables me to see where they need the most help with their writing.

Participants will be asked to bring along their laptops and writing samples with them to the workshop that we can all go through and discuss and make suggestions for editing and enhancing the content. 

This enables participants to apply the guidelines being covered, highlights common challenges that are apparent in their writing samples and helps them to overcome them.

During this process participants learn from each other and it encourages them to be more objective about their own writing and anyone else’s.


Zamathango Thango

“I loved the workshop! I feel like a writer who’s just come out of a long spell of writer’s block. I guess it’s what Oprah would call an ‘AHA’ experience. I am brainstorming articles in my head with a new found energy and confidence.”

Lara de Stadler

“I learnt many skills during Jennigay’s workshop, and most importantly I found my confidence in writing. Thank you Jennigay for helping me to unlock my inner writing potential.”

Colleen Lewis

“When you think that you’re on top of your game as a writer, then it’s time to do a workshop with Jennigay Coetzer. She’ll soon show you how much better you can be. She’s the best there is.”

Murray Anderson-Ogle

“Jennigay Coetzer’s writing workshop is an intensive, thoroughly enjoyable exercise well worth doing. 

Thamari Claassens

“Even though I studied journalism (I have my Honours in it), I found tons of value in your training. I’ll definitely recommend it!”

Chloe Webb

“I have been on many writing courses and even a semester journalism course at a local university, but I learnt more from Jennigay’s workshop then any of the others. She is a pleasure to learn from.”

Keitumetse Hlahatsi

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Thanks for all the great insights. I will always remember your words: “Don’t de clever, be clear.”

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