Media Training in South Africa test clé usb nono pizza ligny en barrois Media spokesperson training in Johannesburg and Cape Town

hårtab i totter Jennigay Coetzer’s one-day group media training workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions will equip spokespeople with techniques to interact more effectively with the media and be prepared for any eventuality in any interview scenario, whether it be for print publications, radio or TV.

bidon gradué 5 litre They will learn to prepare for the interview, organise their thoughts, and share information clearly and concisely in a two-way conversation with any media interviewer.

layout win 10 link In addition, they will learn to handle awkward or sensitive questions that could arise during media interviews, and how to avoid their comments being quoted out of context. wheely bug hérisson Spokespeople will also learn how to develop a broader, more visionary perspective of the trends and issues that revolve around the topics they are discussing in media interviews, from the audience’s perspective as well as their own.

copenhagen business school adresse see During the workshop, spokespeople will be able to measure the scope of their current knowledge and identify the gaps that need to be filled in order to be prepared for any eventuality during any media interview. stefan padborg musiker The training will also help spokespeople to use their media interaction to create a pull through for business, influence specific audiences, or meet other objectives.

norra sis songs view Why choose Jennigay Coetzer’s media training? vestar tol free num With 30 year experience as a business  journalist, Jennigay Coetzer is able to give spokespeople insight into what the media expects when interacting with them, how to minimise the risks associated with media exposure, and how to identify opportunities to put their key messages across during media interviews. pass hülsen schlüssel Jennigay has been running media training workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions for 17 years and has provided media training to spokespeople from organisations across just about every sector. erlaubt was gefällt goethe These include the likes of the Institute of Directors, Unilever, Vodacom, HP, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Michelin Tyres, Deloitte, Absa, Eskom, Avery Dennison, Adcock Ingram, READ Educational Trust, IBM, SAP, Chubb, Lafarge, The SA Travel Centre (SATC), SA Breweries, Film Publication Board (FPB), the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) TNS, the SA Poultry Association, SA Pork Producers Organisation (SAPPO), Business Connexion, Siemens, and MWEB. gang volcano zx ds with price Several PR companies outsource their media training requirements to Jennigay Coetzer

technisch isolatiebedrijf nijmegen go Course Cost:

utarming av jorda The cost of a group media training workshop is R3,000 per delegate (ex VAT), with a minimum fee of R9,000 (ex VAT) for a group workshop. One-on-one sessions cost R6,500 (ex VAT).

gordon reyes loredo Media training course duration: telefonen ringer ikke Group media training workshops take a full day, and one-on-one media training sessions take five hours. Open workshops are also periodically held for spokespeople from multiple companies, depending on demand.

stickman professor png Who should attend?

transportruller industri lavtbyggende Jennigay Coetzer’s media training will help spokespeople at all levels to develop or hone their media interaction skills, regardless of whether or not they have had previous experience in this area.

planeten leicht erklärt Tailored media training sessions in Johannesburg and Cape Town: tændstikker spil niveau 35 Media training sessions can be tailored to meet specific requirements and can be held in Johannesburg or in Cape Town.

clean eller klam view To get more information about these media training courses:

neymar sera ballon 2015 there Contact Jennigay Coetzer by phone on +27 (0)83 212 5754, or email her at Jennigay Coetzer or complete the contact enquiry form. verdens grimmeste pc Media spokesperson tips and guidelines:

palladium sko herre Plenty of articles containing tips on interacting with the media can be accessed from Jennigay’s website home page. classe de mer 2018 Recommendations from spokespeople who have attended Jennigay Coetzer’s media training: morsom bursdagshilsen til venninne Tshepiso Malele, marketing manager at South African Travel Centre (SATC).

laissez lucie faire lavaur go “I found the workshop to be extremely enlightening. Not only has it highlighted development areas I need to focus on as a spokesperson, but it has also taught me how best to prepare for a media interview. I can’t wait for my next interview!”

gangster film 2017 Craig Zeelie, general manager for roll materials South Africa at Avery Dennison. vertellen wat je wilt worden in het duits “Thanks for a very thought provoking day!! The value of the day’s workshop will be used not only by us for the media, but for day-to-day customer interactions.” hedder det på eller i grønland Rudie Raath, country manager for Consulting at Hewlett-Packard South Africa.

håndbold vm 2015 program click “Thanks for the opportunity to be part of a true life changing workshop. You have also given me a new perspective on the way I perceive my business presentations.”

Juan-Marc Correia, brand campaign manager for Peroni Nastro Azzurro, at SA Breweries.

“Just a note to tell you once again how much we enjoyed the training last week. You taught us so much, but mostly you shared yourself and we really appreciate your passion and desire to help us all be better. I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful class.  It was by far the most valuable class I have taken since becoming a brand manager.”

Kobus van Wyk, head of the e-Learning division at Mustek.

“The media workshop was most enjoyable. But its real practical value was only demonstrated to me in a big way when, shortly after the workshop, I was unexpectedly interviewed by a difficult journalist. The techniques learned during the session helped me to get into the mind of the journalist, to remain calm, and to turn the situation to my advantage.”

Deon Liebenberg, executive vice president for Africa at Vodafone Global Enterprise.

“Jennigay Coetzer has provided me with a practical skill set to influence opinion and behaviour. She provides key insights and practical learnings regarding ways to communicate key messages to defined target audiences. She has significantly influenced my effectiveness with key stakeholders.”

Robert Raadgever, field engineer for passenger car, truck and bus at Michelin Tyre.

“The workshop was very informative and a great exercise to prepare myself for the press. Thanks once again.”

Jane Thomson, MD of Softworx, a division of EOH.

“I enjoyed the media training very much – it gave me a clear process to use to achieve a well defined strategic outcome, and I will find this very valuable indeed going forward in ensuring my media interactions are significantly more meaningful.”

Kris Budnik, director of risk advisory for Johannesburg at Deloitte & Touche.

“I found the opportunity to obtain insight into the journalist’s objectives and those of their target audience hugely beneficial. The biggest takeaway for me is the realisation that journalists are people too, that it is OK to engage with them, ask questions and recognise their knowledge and insights, and thus approach an interview as a conversation where knowledge is shared and not just downloaded.”

Gunter Kampmann, data centre specialist at Hewlett-Packard.

“Thank you for an enlightening day spent with you. Not only did I learn about dealing with the press, but also about how to elevate my profile with my customers, using the lessons learnt. I also learnt that I need to be understood in order to make an impression, my speech and tone need to be slowed, and my mind needs to be clear as to what I am trying to relay.

Tiani Annandale, corporate performance manager at Cortell.

“I really enjoyed your workshop tremendously, and learnt so much! Thank you once again for your guidelines and advice. I can see that you are an expert in this field. I will take as much as I can from this workshop and apply it to my future interviews.”

Ansie Ramalho, executive director for corporate governance at the Institute of Directors Southern Africa.

“The value of the workshop for me was that it made us aware of the extent that we need to be prepared for eventualities and the fact that we need a strategy in place. I have also dreaded in the past the interaction with the media and now think I will be able to approach it with more confidence.”

Vanessa Olver, deputy CEO of Business Connexion.

“Your session was powerful and impactful. You always made me THINK twice – so I would put things in a positive light. You always gave me great examples and made me commit to memory KEY words such as we are committed. STRONG powerful words. You addressed all my concerns and gave me practical ways to address it if I did not know the answer.”

James McLaren associate director at Deloitte

“I very much enjoyed the workshop. My perception of what it was to interact with the media was completely off prior to the workshop. I fell into the category of individuals who think of journalists as a homogeneous piranha mob. I realise now, that while this could be the experience if unprepared and unaware of the process, it needn’t be. By building a dialogue, providing supporting examples and listening to the questions and agenda I now know that interactions with the media can be powerful experiences to further fundamental knowledge.”

Holger Groenert, manager of product marketing at Itec Distribution.

“Thank you for the workshop. I feel that I got a lot of value out of the day. Most important to me was to learn what journalists are after, how they react, and what are the signals of interest or non-interest in an interview situation. Furthermore, an eye opener was the importance of statistical data for an interview.”

Samantha Beckbessinger, PR consultant at Arcay Communications.

“I have attended Jennigay’s media training workshop numerous times as an observer, while she trained my clients to be better company spokespeople. Everyone we sent through her training came out much better spokespeople. We recommend her highly to all our clients.”

Eugene Pretorius, information technology office for MEMA, for enterprise services at Hewlett-Packard.

“The training is relevant across all spectrums of communication and not just media interviews. I enjoyed the interactive way in which it was structured.”

Julian Liebenberg, GM for services group at Business Connexion.

“You have taught me to embrace the opportunity offered by worthy journalists to share the excitement and information with readers who might not be from the ICT industry. And, if I want to reach that vast and influential readership, I will have to look at Business Connexion through their eyes, and not dump an overload of information on the journalist. Thanks Jennigay for sharing your passion and years of experience with us.”

Fahmida Johannes, consultant at Cortell

“Thanks a lot for the excellent training session. The workshop has definitely taught me the importance of communication in general. I now understand the importance of painting clearer pictures in words, and having a sound knowledge framework to refer back to. What I found especially fruitful, was the need to be prepared to answer questions that arise due to my answers.”

Masanda Peter, brand manager at the SA Poultry Association (SAPA).

“One of the most important things I took away is that it is important for one to be well informed about issues and news around the organisation. In my case, I need to broaden my horizons and look at other business areas and not only focus on marketing.”

Alan Foley, executive for pre-sales, software and solutions at Hewlett-Packard.

“It was a bit of an eye opener for me. One key thing for me will be to get my thoughts organised and not go off at a tangent or make any assumptions. Also it is key to build a good understanding of the business value of the solution and know the market well where this solution fits in. Last but not least ……..prepare for any session.”

Nathalie Ing, practice lead at SAS Institute.

“Thank you for a very informative and hugely beneficial session. It gave me the chance to sit in front of a well known journalist and get a feel for what it is like to go through an interview session. Thank you for your honest feedback for areas of improvement.”

Riaan Leuschner, MD of Nology.

“Excellent, and thank you very much Jennigay. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The main benefit from the workshop for me was that it got me thinking of PR more holistically and in terms of what customers would want to be able to read. The importance for us as a company to get a media policy, plan and knowledge base was also emphasised to me. I already started putting a knowledge base together yesterday actually.”

Nick Constantinou, business development manager at Itec Distribution.

“The workshop was fantastic and I believe I received huge value out of it. I learnt how to talk professionally to journalists. I saw from my colleagues how easy it is to make simple errors and what the corrective measures should be. I gained confidence in my ability to speak to people, and I now realise the importance of proper preparation before an interview.”

Connie Grobler, identity and security pre-sales lead at Novell.

“I enjoyed the workshop a lot and found it very useful! What I got out of the workshop is the following – Be prepared! Know your topic and have examples ready, and have some knowledge on related areas if possible – you never know where the discussion may go. Both the reporter and the interviewee hope to get something out of the session. It is to the benefit of both to treat interviews seriously and not just as something that has to be got over and done with.”

Mark Robinson, service delivery manager at RDP Consulting.

“The workshop was very constructive for me. Effective communication is so much more important than we think. So thanks very much indeed.”

Hannes van der Merwe, distribution product manager at Itec Distribution.

“I learned how to adjust myself and the content I need get across in a simple and understandable way to our customers. I never could even have conceived that I should consider the journalist in the whole process also. This is very clear to me now.”

Gareth de Laporte, information management sales specialist, for software solutions at Hewlett-Packard.

“Thanks so much for a fantastic day. The workshop gave me a solid grounding on how to deal with the media in general. Journalists seldom provide feedback on company spokespeople and hence I had little understanding of how they feel or what they expect. I have also learned how to use the journalist to my advantage to ensure maximum benefit and exposure to both myself and HP.”

Martin Schirmer, large enterprise sales director at SAP Africa.

“The fundamental value was a view of where I am when it comes to interacting with the media. The tips and pointers where valuable. The practical interview was good too. Overall time well spent.”

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