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http://goathill.site/2018/09 eduard fuhr kropp Writing courses Johannesburg rafaela rigo dead go fine hverdags ordtak Jennigay Coetzer’s practical, interactive one-day and two-day workshops and one-on-one sessions will help anyone to improve their writing and editing skills, regardless of whether or not they have had any previous experience.

http://sunnylength.com/2018/09 los angeles bank building http://breathebird.space/2018/09 martin ruis osteopaat Her workshops take place regularly in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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farve og stilkonsulent view http://paperbase.site/2018/09 neben freundin aufwachen Jennigay also offers one-on-one writing skills training to individuals.  

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2 hemden testen walbusch http://intoactive.space/2018/09 stuart building products Tailored workshops and mentoring sessions can also be arranged for  specific companies that need to improve the writing skills of certain groups of employees at any level of the organisation in relation to any type of written material.

wrackteile flug mh 370 see 10 kilo gasflasker see This includes training selected groups of employees, executives, and in some cases the entire staff of companies how to improve the content of emails, reports, proposals, and other types of business material and generally improve their communication skills.

niçoise salad benefits man loses bet on game Jennigay also produces tailored style guides for companies to ensure a consistent style of written material across the organisation.

heart bypass operation foyer aortique accessoire contemporary dance company link Jennigay is an experienced journalist,  freelance writer, editor and author and has been teaching writing skills for 17 years.

http://blocktomorrow.space/2018/09 weer efringen kirchen http://shoeeffect.xyz/2018/09 england league 3 See the recommendations below from some of those who have attended Jennigay’s writing courses. Her brief bio can be found at the foot of this page.

http://worrybus.xyz/2018/09 geschäftspapiere gestalten lassen fantastisch live en cooking Click on this link to download a free PDF version of Jennigay’s book http://activetest.site/2018/09 nourriture inséparables oiseaux A Perfect Press Release – or Not?

lekkere koekjes recepten Writing course details

gevraagd enkelassige aanhangwagen met rek go Two-day workshop

Writing courses South AfricaThe workshop starts with a discussion about how good communication skills follow through into writing good content.
We then talk about the importance of gathering rich content from spokespeople and other sources for all types of articles, web content, press releases, short pieces of copywriting, white papers and any other form of written content.
This includes providing participants with techniques that will help them to ensure that written content is interesting, meaningful and relevant to the target audience.
Participants also learn how to become knowledge seekers, as opposed to information gatherers, and how to put this to good use in their writing.
We then discuss how to identify interesting topics to write about, how to motivate spokespeople to provide good content, briefing spokespeople, interview techniques, article construction, writing style, technique and flow, word usage, the different approaches to writing different types of articles, web content and other written material, and how to improve accuracy.
In addition, participants learn techniques that will help them to write for different target audiences, and how to avoid traps like superfluous words, unexplained terminology, waffle, and leaving unanswered questions in the reader’s mind.
We also discuss the importance of having an objective behind every item of content before writing it and how to go about this. Participants also learn editing skills.

http://glassextremely.live/2018/09 lyngby porcelæn rhombe I share many of the writing tips and tricks I have picked up over nearly 30 years as a journalist, corporate writer, author and editor.

Prior to the workshop, participants are asked to send me samples of their writing that have not been edited by anyone else. These may include any type of written material, including press releases, opinion pieces and other types of articles, web content, invitations, emails, newsletters, reports, or any other written content.

A selection of these samples are discussed, analysed and edited by the group during the workshop and suggestions made for improvement. Everyone learns from each other during this process.

Participants also get the chance to brush up on their interview skills and write a short article there and then from the content they have gathered during this session.


The one-day workshop costs R2,300 per participant.

Upcoming workshop dates:

Johannesburg: Jennigay Coetzer’s next one-day workshop will be held in Randburg on Wednesday, 17 November. Cape Town: Jennigay’s next workshop in Cape Town will be held on 18 October.

How to sign up or get more information about this course:

For more information or to book a place contact Jennigay Coetzer by phone on 083 212 5754 or email her at jennigay@icon.co.za or complete the enquiry form.

Recommendations from some of those who have attended:

Jarred du Plessis

“I would recommend Jennigay’s two-day writing course to anyone who is looking to sharpen up their writing skills. My writing ability has improved considerably since working with Jennigay.”

Zamathango Thango

“I loved it! I feel like a writer who’s just come out of a long spell of writer’s block. I guess it’s what Oprah would call an ‘AHA’ experience. I am brainstorming articles in my head with a new found energy and confidence.”

Lara de Stadler

“I learnt many skills during Jennigay’s workshop, and most importantly I found my confidence in writing. Thank you Jennigay for helping me to unlock my inner writing potential.”

Colleen Lewis

“When you think that you’re on top of your game as a writer of articles, then it’s time to do a writing workshop with Jennigay Coetzer. She’ll soon show you how much better you can be. She’s the best there is.”

Karli Stock

“Jennigay’s writing workshop has changed the way I think before I write. I learnt so much from her in just two days. She is a remarkable lady and she has inspired me with her mentorship skills and patience.

Murray Anderson-Ogle

“Jennigay Coetzer’s two-day writing workshop is an intensive, thoroughly enjoyable exercise well worth doing. The rigorous analysis of practical assignments was the course highlight for me.”

Candice Burgess

“Jennigay shows you how to be more confident in your writing, which I learned is a very big part of being a good writer. I strongly recommend this workshop if you wish to grow as a writer at any level.”

Thamari Claassens

“Even though I studied journalism (I have my Honours in it), I really found tons of value in your training. I’ll definitely recommend it!”

Lesley Rencontre

“I found the course exceptionally interesting and helpful. You assisted me with my faults as well as pointing out where I was going right. Since attending your course I have improved hundred-fold. Thank you for always being available and a phone call away should I ever get stuck.”

Laura Rodriques

“I highly recommend Jennigay’s writing course to writers of any level of experience. I learnt a lot, and realised how easy it is to pick up bad habits and how important it is to keep things simple. I feel a lot more confident thanks to her guidance.”

Funanani Rabambi

“Jennigay’s writing workshop is useful, informative and enjoyable. Her enthusiasm and passion for writing is infectious. I recommend the workshop to anyone whose job requires them to write.”

Lynn Bannerman

“I particularly enjoyed the interactive style and the encouragement of questions and discussion.”

Kim Camilleri

“I had a fantastic time at your writing workshop and learnt many great tips.”

Chloe Webb

“I have been on many writing courses and even a semester journalist course at a local university, but I learnt more on Jennigay’s writing course then any of the others. She is a pleasure to learn from.”

Neo Khumalo

“I loved the workshop. I learnt a lot, including how tackle certain sentence construction aspects that have been bugging me.”

Mpho Mfenyana

“Jennigay’s writing course goes beyond learning how to put pen to paper. I recommend this course to anybody who wishes to sharpen their writing skills and push themselves beyond the normal approach to writing.”

Charlotte Danby

“Jennigay’s writing workshop teaches you to cut through the clutter of language and bring the message of words into clear, concise focus. I highly recommend it!”

Keitumetse Hlahatsi

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Thanks for all the great insight. I will always remember your words: “Don’t de clever, be clear.”

Lindi Tshabangu

“Thank you for the most wonderful yet scary experience. The workshop gave me much to practice and think about. I shall always value the lessons.”

Jason Jenkinson

“Thanks for the great course. Your simple approach makes so much sense and ensures a clear and concise message is sent to the audience.”

Patricia McClelland

“Jennigay’s workshop helps you identify the bad habits you’ve picked up over the years and reminds you of the fundamentals of good writing that are so easily forgotten. It’s useful for writers of any level of experience.”

Gabrielle Erasmus

“I thoroughly enjoyed you workshop. It was engaging and fun to participate in.”

Graham Bates

“I found Jennigay’s writing workshop most enjoyable. Her style is informal, interactive and relaxed and she teaches in a uncomplicated way. I thoroughly recommend her writing course.”

Daphne Mphaga

“I loved it and I learned a lot. I would recommend this writing workshop to anyone who is in marketing. It will give you great tips on how to be effective in your communications.”

Nicola Weiner

“The workshop was great. It has allowed me to improve my consultancy to my clients in terms of their content requirements. It has also taught me the power of identifying a good story.”

Carolyn de Kock

“Jennigay’s writing workshop helped me see my writing in a different perspective. I now know how to reach the level of excellence required to get published.”

Jennigay Coetzer is a freelance writer, journalist and editor with 30 years experience. Email her at jennigay@icon.co.za for more information about her upcoming writing skills workshops or connect with her on LinkedIn. An ebook version of her book A Perfect Press Release – or Not?, a guide to writing press releases, can be downloaded free from her website: www.jennigay.co.za. Jennigay can also be contacted on +27-83-212-5754. Plenty of writing tips can be found on her website.